Kristen and John - wedding

it's crazy to think that this was my 8th wedding of the year...that may not sound like a lot to you people doing this part time, but it's been cool seeing it go from just 2 of my own last year, to 9 total this year, and already having 5 down for next year

again, this may not seem like much to those of you doing this full time, but to experience this growing from a hobby to somewhat of a reality is pretty exciting

i can't wait to see what 2010 has to offer...

kristen is good friends with my friend paige and we met back and paige and stuart's wedding in Colorado back in April

i was honored when she asked me to shoot her and john's wedding down in Orlando...
this had to be one of the best receptions i have been to....primarily b/c everyone loved to dance and weren't afraid to let it all go out on the dance floor. plus, being on the top floor of an 18 story building downtown Orlando was pretty sweet as well

one of the coolest things for me was seeing what an amazing community of friends these two have....once the night is all over, i am used to seeing the couple take off and head out to be together. however, kristen and john were so excited to have all their close friends together that they took advantage of it by heading out to a local line dancing bar so that the party could keep going....ha. it was awesome.

oh, and kristen stayed in her wedding dress. it's going to be great staying in touch with these two and seeing them grow together. maybe i will even be able to hit up a Florida Gators game with them sometime....i hear that they kind of like that team or something

can anyone find the garter?