these i took with Jacob's camera...rebel xt
he is going to help me shoot with the wedding in august which should hopefully be a lot of fun

well my camera is definitely still broke, but i was able to borrow Gretchen's because i was starting to freak out a little after not shooting for so long...

plus, i just got a new light sphere (also known as gary fong diffuser) that i had really wanted to use

these are some from us hanging out at a leader dinner


these shots were taken the day i got to hang out with one of my best buds Ben

we went to the cubs game and then headed back to his place in West Dundee
i forgot what a cool area that was with the historic downtown area next to the river


these are some i also shot in Chicago last weekend
the first is of the wedding we attended....this was the only shot i could get during the ceremony b/c the clicking noise from advancing the film was so freaking loud....it wasn't without trying though
the second shot is taking off on our way to chicago
the third is of one of our favorite married couples and our mentors Dave and Debbie Sanders
they are awesome...enough said

so here are my first shots with my new Diana +

i am very excited about having this camera as my new hobby camera to mess around with and hopefully get some really fun prints out of

the first is a double exposure consisting of my buddy jacob and then i turned it sideways and shot Jake leading worship
the second photo is a church off of Irving Park in Chicago i got while leaving the Cubs game
this last shot is a 7 minute pinhole exposure of Jake's guitars and his new amp

feel free to let me know what you think about 'em
the photos are this size b/c the camera shoots medium format 120 film


honeymoon pics from Nuevo Vallarta

the top pic is of the castle in Heidelberg, Germany while the bottom shot is from the Luxembourg American National Cemetery where General Patton is barried along with many other service men from WWII

just got back from hanging out in chicago...

had an awesome weekend and i am hoping that some of the photos i took with the diana will come out...we will see

however, for now here are some more shots from years ago since my camera is still broke
all from india in case you couldn't tell


here are some from Chicago last may


these are all from one of my favorite places to camp and climb in Wisconsin...Devil's Lake

the middle one was actually taken by my brother in law of me eating a dehydrated meal...yum

here are some from Italy...bottom two are from the Cinque Terra area
the top is from some random beach not too far away from Pisa


we all went out to P.F. Chang's for Aaron's birthday last night...

the food there is sooo good....plus, the cake afterwards made the night

aynsley obviously thought something jenica said was funny while mavis is once again trying to rip off part of stuart's face

more pics from the crazy overnight in the airport

we decided to spend the $7 in order to get internet for the night...we figured it would be worth it in helping to waste time...you can obviously see what we thought of the whole event by the name of it though


8:25...we could have been half way there by now...

the airport is pretty empty at 3am

we were obviously a little bummed after realizing midway would be our home for the night

this is what you look like at 4am after sleeping for about 2 1/2...we were ready to go home


miss being around these guys