Cait - senior shoot

so this could possibly be one of my last posts before moving to my new blog! still putting the finishing touches on it

for now though, here is Cait
she is a senior at PRHS and has such an infectious laugh....i was supposed to take her shots a couple months ago but took a little tumble and busted up her nose after being pushed down the bleachers as students flooded the football field after a playoff win...ha. what a way to go out though i say

the weather was incredible today and it felt so good to finally have another senior shoot....these are probably one of my favorite kind of shoots b/c they are so chill and relaxed....and most high school kids are up for whatever, especially when it involves going to areas they feel as though they shouldn't be in...

big thanks to stuart for helping hold stuff, sarah for making cait laugh even more, and for carol (cait's mom) for convincing the sheriff that we were not "punk kids causing trouble" which someone apparently labeled us

ok...enough chatting. here ya go


lack of posts does not = lack of shooting

more to come on that later

for now, here are just a few quick shots i grabbed from Passion2010.....

even though i was only there for about 30 minutes of the 4 day conference i was able to get the sense that God was and would be moving in the hearts of lives of tens of thousands of university students...

the stories and updates have been unbelievable and i already can't wait for next year...

on a side note...pumped for Passion City Church to start...


my friend is talented

so you have to check out the work of Stephen Hunton...

he has become a great friend and encourager as i continue with all this photography stuff. when we were done with a shoot today, we decided to take a little extra time to just shoot for fun and i was able to get a few of him

here is his site: www.stephenhunton.com


Great way to start 2010...

Is revealing my new logo!

pumped about the work that my bro-in law Brady did on this...He is awesome to work with and strives to offer his client a product that they are truly satisfied with.

His business is called Media Redemption. Feel free to contact me for his info.

My blog is also almost completely finished, which means this one will have to be put to rest....but the good news is that the new blog will have many of these previous posts reposted so that it does not look as though it's starting from scratch.

so, as a teaser for now, here is one of the many options for my new logo! let me know what ya think...