first test with new Totally Rad Actions

can't wait to learn how to use these better...


Evora band shoot

today was my first full band shoot...this is definitely an area of photography that i want to improve on

i thought it went well for the most part despite all the mud and pouring rain for the first 30 minutes
These guys are a local band who are all headed off to college in the fall. they are also leaving for California at the end of the week to record their demo

these guys have a very unique sound and play so tight together...can't wait to see where they go

the guys:






weekend in Illinois - part 2

i am already wishing that we were staying here longer...
it's been so relaxing and i wish i could have a whole week of this

did some more four wheeling, shot clay pigeons with the 20 gauge (jenica got one too), took some more pics, went to a cousin's grad party, then off to grandma's for dinner...
we played some bocce ball as the sun was going down...the weather was perfect tonight! the sunsets have been pretty unbelievable. finished it all off by grabbing all the kids to do some light writing...this may have sparked some ideas for the future....we shall see

there are a lot this time...coming home tomorrow. don't want to just yet.


weekend in Illinois - part 1

came home to be with the fam over the weekend...

today consisted of: sleeping in, playing softball with my 10 year old sister-in-law, almost having my 10 year old sister-in-law rip my head off with a line drive, riding the four wheeler, running out of gas on the four wheeler and pushing it back to the shop, filling it with gas and riding it some more, taking some pics in the nearby "downtown" area with the brother-in-law, and finally meeting up with my parents for some dinner.

good day...enjoying the weekend very much so far


Kyle and David senior portraits

these guys are pretty much best friends....they are also two of the biggest jokers in the youth group

had a lot of fun hanging out today with them...crazy to think these guys are headed off to college already
enjoy the serious and not so serious shots we got today



and of course had to get some with the both of them