i had the chance to take some pics of kate the other night

i was really happy with the way they came out and we were able to find some pretty cool places to shoot


i had ended the day going to hang out with stuart before he left for israel...

no better way to do that than to rock it on the rip stick

later in the afternoon erik, keith, and i played frisbee for about 2 hours...
props to keith for the shot of me and this bottom pic

well i will be trying in the future to take pics all day long on fridays to basically document my day in a way and force myself to take pics of the everyday mundane in a new way hopefully

started off walking outside to a beautiful sky, put on some sufjan, and met up with my buddy erik at waffle house to hear about his time in new zealand (which only made me want to go there that much more)


you would need to know these two to understand

stuart gave a pretty awesome illustration the last couple nights at youth group about stepping in to the light which is Christ and then reflecting that light to the world

he started with just us, reflecting our own light, and then showed what it would look like if we collectively all shined our light, which comes from Christ, to the world...this was represented with a disco ball...it provided a great picture


video time

stuart was shooting another video today
this time is was for one of aynsley's talks coming up...it should be good
i missed most of it so was only able to get a few at the very end


saw this today...to be honest, i was a bit confused

what exactly should i look out for?
is God going to attack me?
is the church going to get me some how?
should i be scared, worried, anxious, sweating, excited?

i guess i didn't get it
i bet a lot of others didn't either....


she took it pretty well as you could probably guess


remedy has come

read below for full story...

is it bad i am currently listening to a song entitled "revenge"

everyone loves a prank now and again...
let's just hope aynsley does

stuart and i just so convienently were able to get our hands on probably over 200 megaphone cones which were to promote crowder's new cd
we left one cone a day on aysnley's desk and of course she brushed it off for the most part...she would from time to time in fits of frustration put them on our desk to which we would promptly return them to their "rightful owner"

i can't wait until she walks in to find them all spread out throughout her office...

the previous days were just a taste to come and what will forever go down as "office prank initiation day"


i was able to take some more senior pics...this time of megan

we went in to historic Buford and walked up and down its main street


here are some of chelsea's senior pics.
we had a lot of fun shooting in mostly the suwanee park and downtown historic suwanee areas


india 3

i thought it was interesting to watch these kids play on a train out in the middle of the indian country...

this is their train set...kids in the states get flooded with toys their own childhood lives and here are these gets completely content with what appears to be their only "toy"
this is their trainset...a broken down train car just outside of their village

india 2


this pics are from a few summers ago when i had the privelage to serve in a remote village in northeast India about 100 yards from the Nepal border