it's so nice to be home with family...and to actually be in a climate that feels like winter

i have many new ones to post but my computer is full again so i need to do some cleaning up and transferring to the hard drive


so we have our T.A.C. (tacky altaer christmas) party tonight

like all good homecoming or prom knockoffs....the photo booth is a must so we decided to take a few shots of ourselves just to give the kids a little christmas inspiration

i think we accomplished what we set out to do


i have not really been able to take a lot of photos lately and so i am posting an older one that i really like...

more than likely there will be many good ones to follow in the next couple of weeks



i can't wait for it to be christmas break so that i can spend time with my family

i also can't wait to play in the snow and make igloos



finally had a chance to take some more senior photos...


light writing rocks my face off...

it's pretty crazy to watch a bunch of people wave lights around which looks like absolutely nothing, but then when you see the finished product it's incredible

there will definitely more of these and hopefully some videos but they take for ever!

more from the service project

we had a service project which was a ton of fun....especially when we brought out the leaf blower


i am anxiously awaiting christmas break to spend time w/ the family and hopefully playing in the snow