more from the youth workers conference


these are some random ones i have been waiting to put on

fun times seeing the family over break...

my niece is adorable even though i am officially known as "uncle candy"

stick fights are fun...especially when you swing them real fast and hear the dreaded swoosh noise right before it strikes ya in the back of the leg


first snow

jenica and i were SOOOO excited that we got to see the first snowfall no matter how little it actually added up to be

other than coming up for christmas, this could be the only snow we see considering it rarely gets below freezing in Georgia and we have seemed to have a very difficult time having any type of precipitation at all (which would be why we are in a drought)

NYWC (national youth workers convention)

so i realize i am way behind on these...
get ready

these are some from downtown ATL at the convention



senior pic of jacob...

i'm trying to expand my skill area and try some new things so hopefully they come out ok


so i realize this is a repeat but it's to show the unbelievable difference photoshop can make


the wife...


stuart was shooting a video today so i decided to tag along and get some shots...

i can't wait to see the video.


a few more from the flag football day

last prhs game...

i wonder if the girl knows she is holding hands with a lion?


these are some of the shots i took at a flag football league that one of our church leader's is heading up...
obviously i can't put pics of kids on here without their permission so here are a few others


my buddy keith and i had some fun with a light up frisbee...

there will definitely be more to come with these. it was a lot of fun and also really hilarious when they came out looking horrible which many did


this is a bit of an old one...

it was taken outside a castle in germany i think

a few extra ones...

our first halloween was a fun one...
even though it was our second, it was still our first since jenica was away at college last year

as you can see, i came up with the awesome last second idea of me being a tree and jenica being a "tree hugger"
it was just my attempt at getting hugs from her all night long