i love when i find little spots like this

a nasty storm came in while having a cookout at eden park...

i was waiting for a tornado to drop down from that hole


some random ones...

this was a cool bridge once used to drive over but is now solely used as a pedestrian bridge form cincinnati to newport, kentucky

while in cincinnati, our group had to cut up a bunch of stuff on a hillside of a park and drag it down the hill to clear the area out

well....obviously we took the liberty to have a little fun but cutting vines in to rope swings...
thankfully there were only a few minor injuries as some gave out


so a big thank you is in need of being sent out to Gretchen once again for allowing me to use her camera on yet another mission trip

this time to cincinnati....cool place

this will have to do for now but many more will come in the days to follow

especially now that I GOT MY CAMERA BACK!!!!!!!......hurray


i realize that it has been in forever since posting but i was in savannah on a mission trip....

i will also be leaving again tomorrow to go to cincinatti for another week...therefore, posts will be few and far between

however, here are a few from my old camera...rebel is still in the shop....grr


almost didn't get this because i was fumbling around like crazy to get the camera out while sitting at a red light


well sadly these will probably be some of the last ones for some time...
i am leaving on Sunday for Savannah and on another mission trip and besides that...my camera is still broken

oh well, i will have it back in a couple weeks. i will also hopefully be getting a new lens which i am really excited to try out and learn how to use


debrief time was great each night

so good to spend time sharing how God is working in and through us as well as praising Him for who He is


here is a shot of ray from Ray of Hope while everyone was praying

also, bradley during morning devos

some more from exploring Philly...