more from the famine

i haven't been feeling so great lately so i haven't really been shooting much

hopefully i will get back in to the routine soon...


here are some more from the famine...if you read below you can find out more

so generally we break the fast by having a huge meal only to be followed by throwing out pounds of food which we thought kind of defeated the purpose of the famine in the first place...

this year, we thought it would be a better idea to keep the theme going and so we broke the fast by having a soup kitchen.

yeah we were still hungry afterwards; however, it kept us more focused on what we had just learned as well as made us more thankful for what we have.

what a great weekend

Famine '08

this year's famine was great
we were able to raise over $23,000 to help feed the hungry while also focusing on the issue of homelessness in the states and going out to serve various locations in the Atlanta metro area

here are some of the pics from the weekend
the hallway with the post-its represent the 29,000 kids who die every single day - we were able to put up one post it for every person - it is pretty disheartening when you get a visual like this


so i realized after shooting these last night that i need to get a remote trigger....no matter how careful you are, you will still get just a bit of camera shake...especially when zooming in this far

i was happy to have my 75-300mm to get these but i still had to crop and zoom a bit to get in close

the one on top has those 2 bright spots... i guess the one to the bottom left is Saturn and the other is some bright star. it could be the other way around, but either way i thought it was kind of cool


jacob and i went out shooting to get some more of his senior pics

the weather has finally been good enough to go out

this one was from a few days ago

i was driving and figured i might as well snap a quick pic of the last frost we will see for the year probably

our weather is a very different story from what family and friends are getting back home
i miss having a couple feet of snow on the ground but i don't miss the high being 0 for the day or when the snow turns dirty and the top of it freezes over which makes it pretty much useless


we had our middle school winter retreat this past weekend which made for some crazy times with 140 students

there are definitely more from this weekend but this was my favorite

hopefully it will do for now


finally i was able to make it over to this water tower i have been able to spot for awhile now but just never really had the time to seek it out

hopefully i can find some different spots to try and get some better shots at some point but these will work for now i guess
last night was pretty fun as we continued with our love series at youth group
we also had a guest high school band lead us in worship which was a good time

i love seeing high school kids lead their peers in worship

i pretty much just love it when i am able to see students who realize their giftedness use it in order to glorify God to the best of their ability

this pic comes from just messing around a bit before things started


we were chilling the other night at barnes and noble reading and then i had to get my camera b/c i wanted to get some shots

jenica always feels awkward when i am taking pictures...she will get over that...hopefully


we had a great time with the super bowl the other night

jenica and i met up with some friends and ate our fill of junk food while also showing off our skills (or lack there of) on guitar hero

the baby shots are of mavis, who belongs to jake and hannah, playing guitar hero in the first pic

i've never really taken baby pics before but need to practice since i will be shooting some in a few weeks hopefully
mavis makes it look at a lot easier than it is though


so i got to shoot a wedding reception a couple weeks ago which i was really nervous about but i think that it turned out pretty well

it was great experience and i think i was able to manage pretty well considering the poor lighting i had(and will most likely always have to deal with and learn how to still get great shots)

hopefully there will be more pics to come but here are a couple