here are the last pics from the Style Your Sole party we had

3 of the guys from evora came and played for us during our Style Your Sole party

they are an incredibly talented instrumental band made up of high school students
check 'em out on myspace


Style Your Sole through TOMS was this past saturday
if you want to know more about TOMS and what they are about, check out: www.tomsshoes.com

these are shots of everything set up before the craziness began

random shots from the day

we were trying to come up with a cool way to name each station so what better place to go than the thrift store...

while there we came across these awesome vintage suitcases and they were perfect

we also put the TOMS purpose on aynsley's window

we also had some music going...we had a few guys who are part of a band called Evora come out and play some of their instrumental stuff while also just leaving it open for whoever

it was great walking around and seeing all the different styles and designs that people came up with...here are a few in the process


here are some of the different shoes that people designed

this day was absolutely amazing!  we had a great turn out and it was sooo much fun.  i think that it will definitely get other people interested in TOMS as well and continue spreading the incredible work that they are doing


i am so thankful to finally have a new car (at least new to me)

i used to have a small five speed that i loved, but it was short lived as i got hit by a drunk driver after about a year of having it

since then i have been driving boats for cars such as the Custom Cruiser or '96 Buick Park Avenue...i was extremely thankful for those vehicles and the people who so generously allowed me to drive them; however, it was time to move on

so, jenica and i went out and got this '06 five speed Scion xA
it's so great to have a car that you enjoy driving and you know will last (hopefully, ya never know 100%)