Halloween pre-post

tonight was awesome...here's a taste.

more to come later...


behind the scenes video!

so this is my first time of hopefully many...but I have decided to start putting up some behind the scene videos of some of my shoots

my friend Chris (www.chris-o.com) just happened to be in town (or country) from Belgium and helped me out as well as provided some of his own thoughts as heard in the video...ha
Stuart (@stuarta13) helped teach me a thing or two on final cut express to put the thing together

hopefully you enjoy it! let me know...

Kristen and John engagement from onenineimages on Vimeo.

kelsey and collin - family

both these cool kids are involved in the youth programs at our church....they have a great family who are incredibly supportive and have been a blessing to the ministries I have been involved in as well as my personal life

it's cool seeing siblings that get along...for the most part...ha
i hope that when Jenica and I start raising a family that we are able to be blessed with children who enjoy being around each other, at least half the time...

we had a fun time hanging out in the awesome weather we have been having lately


Amber and Andy - wedding celebration

so I have known Amber for a couple years now....she has volunteered with the middle school kids at our church and has recently been helping me out as a YoungLife volunteer
she has got a great heart as well as an adorable little girl Ashley

the first time I met Andy, I knew that they were a great match...
they were one of those couples that once you know, you know...so they decided to have a very small and intimate wedding together a couple months ago
however, they still wanted to have a wedding celebration and reception for all their other friends and family

so, here it is...it was a bit on the chilly side for GA this time of year, but it was still gorgeous out

i am really happy for this family and excited to see them grow together over the years

this shot is fairly similar to one i was able to capture at my last wedding, but I loved how the wind was able to make her dress wave behind her...epic skies always help as well


Kristen and John

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen at the wedding of my good friends Stuart and Paige...
Kristen and Paige worked at a summer camp in CO one year and have been close ever since....through that connection, Kristen got in touch with me about shooting their wedding in FL this November...

i just so happened to be spending this past weekend down there and so i was able to hook up with the both of them and fit in their engagement shots.
although the light decided to depart rather quickly, we were able to fit in a few more the next morning...

it was so fun just walking around the streets of New Smyrna...they were great to work with, and we even had the pleasure of enjoying some dinner afterwards along with my assistant for the night Chris...he is a long time friend who currently resides in Belgium and was visiting for a bit (www.chris-o.com)

anyways, without more delay, here are some of the shots....these were crazy fun

oh yeah, and John (and his family) were awesome enough to let us all crash on their beach front condo...big win