went to the zoo with jenica the other day

it was a really good time...especially because she got in free for working in a school!


had our 2nd concert tonight for the middle school group
this time around we had Abandon Kansas again, with new bands Progress In Color and PM Today

they are all definitely worth checking out on myspace

the weather has been beautiful lately

it has finally given me a chance to get out and take some shots
i feel like God has been placing photography on my heart more and more
i am just trying to figure out how He wants to use it in order to bring glory to Himself

we shall see


here are some more from last weekend

kids got to take turns driving the ducks, we boys got to be boys in the woods, and i got to take some fun pics


it's been awhile since posting but my schedule has been pretty crazy.

had my sister and her family in town over the past few days which made for a great time. we spent some time up in the mountains and then went to Stone Mountain.

it was great! there will be more pics to come from this weekend but here are a few for now.


more from the conference...
tried to give matt a halo


here are a few more from the weekend

we had the Student Life Tour come near here again this year so we took some high schoolers with us to check it out.

last year was incredible and this year was no different
there was incredible teaching by JR Vasser and David Platt as well as worship with SPUR58

i feel as though God has been laying on my heart these things: youth (as always), photography, overseas, and community. I don't know how all of these will play out as God continues to lead my wife and i, but we pray that God lays His desires on both of our hearts as we continue to seek Him


not too exciting but i wanted to take a picture of something

it's not the most crisp but i didn't want to steady my camera on the patio fence because of the rain