the other day i was at jenica's grandparents house and realized that i have never climbed the silo....so, i climbed it

i was really nervous at first and was sweating at about 50 feet, but then i was fine

i did have really sore forearms though by time i reached the top...

totally worth it


tonight was a lot of fun

jenica and i got to go over and visit our cousins adam and katie...as well as the newest member of the family...3 day old shea nicole

we spent a couple hours getting some shots as well as watching the cubs whoop up on the brewers

so far shea is bringing us some luck as the cubs have won their 3rd straight...thanks shea


just for fun...

more to come from climbing grandpa's silo


more randomness from checking out spots for the wedding this saturday...

this was my first time seeing the crop duster
i was completely amazed at how close they got to the top of the corn...

then after awhile i realized i probably should not be out there that close since chemicals were pouring out of the plane and drifting towards me

at least i got some cool pics
hope i don't look weird in the morning or something

went around checking out spots where we will take wedding pics
that definitely makes me feel more prepared

now we just have to pray for no rain...


nothing like going fishing with dad
had to teach him how to catch a fish...(just kidding. he is way better, but i think that's how it's supposed to be)

then we had my sister kelle and her husband kent over to eat the walleye he caught in canada...soooo good!

jenica and i worked with my dad a couple days last week
we poured concrete in a crawl space...which was really tight (as in small, not cool)

she was in there running the hose while my dad smoothed it all out
i pulled the slack from outside (which was a much easier job than jenica's and she was sure to let me know that)

there is lots of this here

this is jenica's sister bailey
she is 14 years younger than her older sister
we hang out a lot considering that i am 14 and 12 years younger than my sisters so i know how it feels to be the tag along

we tag alongs gotta look out for each other

vacation is good

we are now at jenica's parents house out in the boonies....i love it

she has not been able to put down a long way gone...
almost done with it after about 5 days


more from the macro...these are all of flowers from around my parents place

i can't wait to use this lens at the wedding!


today was pretty incredible
my friend leighton connected me with a great photographer, matt clark, when i checked out northpoint today

we sat and talked for a bit and then he did the craziest thing which most photographers strongly encourage you not to do...he let me borrow a couple of his lenses!

he knew me for five minutes and then offered hundreds of dollars worth of equipment over
unbelievable...well i wasn't going to turn down this offer considering they were some pretty sweet macro lenses that will help me out in a huge way when i shoot my first wedding in two weeks

here are a few from the macro...(matt has a similar one of a quarter on his flickr site but i thought it looked so cool that i wanted to give it a try)

thanks again matt!


sorry there has not been much lately

i was way to scared to take my camera to summer camp with the wedding just around the corner

jena got her hair did by hannah just a little bit differently in preperation for the wedding...it looks great!

we also got in our business cards...pretty exciting....crazy where all this is going...God is good