summer is here...

went out to lake lanier for a bit with lucas and kevin...
i needed this. it was such an awesome get away and a ton of fun jumping in to the lake and taking some pictures for myself for once

definitely need to do this on a more regular basis

more in my album on facebook


Brittany Carmack - senior shots

Brittany is one of the students from the youth group i work with
Jenica and I had the privilege of serving in Costa Rica with her as well as have crazy fun on the other youth trips
we have watched her grow in to a great leader in the group and look forward to all that's in store for her in college

a few more i forgot to add...

here are some other shots i liked from the engagement session yesterday...


Lisa and Young

I met Lisa through Stuart since they go to seminary together
it's awesome to watch these two interact together...spending 5 minutes with them quickly reveals the love and strong bond these two share

they were good sports as we braved the early days of summer in the hot sun

can't wait to shoot their second wedding (since their first one is in just a couple weeks in Korea)
still throwing out the option of going with them to Korea...we will see if they take me up on it or not

p.s. thanks guys for the awesome korean bbq after the shoot....will definitely be taking the wife back to the Honey Pig


Stuart and Paige - Day After Session post 2

so many people were asking me to see more photos from this shoot....so, here ya go

can't wait to have more shoots like this to come

here are a few from hanging out with keith...
was nice to just get out and shoot for the heck of it