fall is here and the weather has finally given in to that fact...

i miss the cold weather of the north where you could break out the hoodies by late September and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by the fire.

overall the pumpkin patch has done really well and has brought in more money than last to help support students seeking to go on service projects during the summer all over the world

well, enough for now. maybe a pic or two will show up of jenica and i carving our first pumpkin



tim and court

this wedding was incredible...

i'm so happy for them and was absolutely blessed to share it with them


catalyst was awesome....


more photos of the game

we went to see the guys soccer game the other day. It was a pretty big game because it was against their rivals from last season. They finally beat them and it was an incredible game. The guys are getting really good.

so it's been a little while since i posted anything.... i need to get back into the routine of doing it but in the meantime here are some pics over the last several days.


these are a couple girls who come to the downSHIFT bible study...the whole group is a lot of fun...especially when we walk to school and peg each other with acorns.


so i am a little behind on these...the pics are usually from a couple days prior just because i don't have the time to post the day of and i don't want to skip over any pics from a given day....anywho...


so....the peachtree ridge game was pretty awesome...
took down the number 1 team in the state by 2 touchdowns.

the games are a lot of fun to go to considering there are about 3 times more people there than my high school games and considering i went to a college that has never had a football program.
good times