Death of a blog...

ok so i am not actually killing it as i am just laying it to rest...

the ride has been crazy over the past couple years but it's time to move on to something a little better...so, this will be my last post on this blog.

crazy to think that this is my 565 post.
it's fun for me to look back to when i first started and to see where things have ended up....even more fun when i get to think about where things will be another 2 years from now

i definitely don't have all the answers and have not figured everything out (in fact, incredibly far from) however, for one reason or another, i have been able to grow and improve as a photographer and it seems as though God is really up to something with all this...so we will see what happens

as one blog get's laid to rest, another one obviously has to take its place.
therefore, from now on, this will be the link to my new and improved blog:


this blog was put together by an incredibly gifted man, Jared Erickson
You can check out his work here: Jared!
He was great to work with and am pumped with what he came up with

Also, big thanks goes out to my brother-in-law Brady for coming up with a killer new logo which you will see all over the new blog and has been updated to my website....here is a link if you ever want to get in touch with Brady: Brady!

please, feel free to let me know what you guys think.
The images will be MUCH larger on the new blog and in some case may even cause you to scroll to see the entire shot. However, as frustrating as that can be at times, I wanted to be able to showcase the quality of my images which can sometimes be missed in smaller crops

So, thanks for your faithful blog following (all 7 of you) and PLEASE pass on this new blog to everyone!
Thanks.....peace out blogspot


traveling to Ireland...

so here is the first of a few...

our vacation to Ireland was incredible.....words can't even express what we experienced, so hopefully the pics will help

i am going to be posting everything from a daily basis, but for now are just some shots i grabbed while traveling there, many of which consists of layover pics from Chicago

so here ya go
Jenica did an incredible job researching for our trip and pretty much planning the whole thing....it was one of those have a plan/don't have a plan situations. we knew where we wanted to go generally each day, but that was totally up in the air at the same time
this book helped A TON though...no matter where we went, chances were it had reviews on places to eat and things to see....and they even have the Let's Go books for cities and places throughout the states also....well worth it

and of course i pretty much just took pics and listened to music

Jenica is also quite the photographer as you will find out through these posts...she may need a little reminder from now and then on what does what but she has a good eye for things...if only i could get her to second shoot for me then we would be a force to be reckoned with

so, there you have it...the travel day: we will call this day 0
more to come very soon!



so i am used to big snow falls consisting of no less than a foot and up to 4 feet...however, while living in Atlanta, I have come to appreciate whatever we get

while taking these shots my wife said, "i don't want to have kids with you." she says she doesn't mean it, but instances like this i think do cause her to worry just a bit

(...and rightfully so)

my snowman didn't work out so well so i needed to dispose of it...also, living down here has also turned me a bit redneck. Point in case - red oven mitts as gloves

this thing is way too fun

took out the Zumi 2.0 again this morning to see the aftermath of the "blizzard" here in Atlanta...ha

thought i would also show my morning routine of making a cup of the sweet nectar of life....coffee

Ireland in 2 days!!!!!!!! can't wait to go...

"blizzard" aftermath and coffee from onenineimages on Vimeo.


new toy for Ireland

hey there....long time no post...i know i know....

but anywho, got the zumi 2.0 digital camera and video recorder to take to ireland b/c the quality is crazy awesome (and by crazy awesome i mean vintage and bad which makes it crazy awesome)

so, here is a test shoot and some pics and we will see what it's like! let me know

zumi test shoot from onenineimages on Vimeo.


Cait - senior shoot

so this could possibly be one of my last posts before moving to my new blog! still putting the finishing touches on it

for now though, here is Cait
she is a senior at PRHS and has such an infectious laugh....i was supposed to take her shots a couple months ago but took a little tumble and busted up her nose after being pushed down the bleachers as students flooded the football field after a playoff win...ha. what a way to go out though i say

the weather was incredible today and it felt so good to finally have another senior shoot....these are probably one of my favorite kind of shoots b/c they are so chill and relaxed....and most high school kids are up for whatever, especially when it involves going to areas they feel as though they shouldn't be in...

big thanks to stuart for helping hold stuff, sarah for making cait laugh even more, and for carol (cait's mom) for convincing the sheriff that we were not "punk kids causing trouble" which someone apparently labeled us

ok...enough chatting. here ya go