still diggin' the fujifilm instax from urban outfitters that my wife and friends got me for my birthday back in november...

plus one iPhone shot i grabbed while leaving the city this morning on an overcast day

hanging with family...

i love christmas time b/c it's one of the few times where we get to spend quality time with all of our family back north

it's great going from the country which is quite and relaxed and snow filled to being in the city and wrestling with my niece and nephew...and of course jenica and i both love the face to face conversations we get with parents and siblings no matter how great skype may be

crazy to think that we are just a little more than 24 hours away from a new year starting....i don't think i have ever been as expectant for a new year to start than this one. Not b/c this year has been bad, but b/c i am more excited than ever to see what God has in store

i am still hoping to get a "favorite shots of the year" post in, even though that may land a few days in to 2010....we shall see though

here are some more from chicago - bowling and korean bbq

the routine:

watch intently

keep watching intently

celebrate with dance despite the outcome - then repeat

mom and dad!

korean bbq time!

they brought out tiny marshmallows for the kids at the end of dinner...it was great! inspired a run to the store for s'mores back at home in the fireplace

finally some fun with lights on the drive back from dinner (i wasn't driving - btw)


black and white

shots while driving around...