it's been forever....

and i'm sorry. life has been much busier in other areas though.

here is a shot i loved as i continue to edit tindell and ben's wedding.

many more pics coming up soon with a shoot for the fashion blogger for Star94, many senior pics around the corner, and a couple more weddings not too far away

sorry again....i am lame. i know this



so this place is awesome...had such a great time hanging out for the weekend reconnecting with cody harris. we did ministry together in germany a few years back

i am pumped to shoot a wedding here in march. so much to see and do and can't wait to visit again...thinking of renting a vespa next time though

have not posted recently due to a crazy schedule...here are a few though from Javi and I hanging out before the rehearsal dinner to last weekends wedding

lots of other pics to post from my time in Charleston as well as some stuff around the corner which should be fun


Tindell and Ben wedding

ok so here it is....such a freakin' awesome wedding as mentioned in the earlier post.

i was able to figure out a couple other tricks with my lighting which gave me some great effects during the dancing...

anywho, it was a great location with two great families who made me feel like i was such a part of their day rather than just documenting it
tindell and ben have a love that is so real that made this day such a great celebration of who they are and what they seek to be about in their marriage

enjoy the shots!

first here are some from the rehearsal:

the only problem was that one of the boats broke down on the way so the other one had to tow it

after the delicioius rehearsal dinner and hearing all of the hilarious stories and huge impacts these two have made on the lives of others, it was time to get the day started