Star94 - Jenny "School Girl" Food Blog

the other day Stuart and I went out to get some shots of Jenny for her food blog from Star94

We went to the Whole Foods down in Buckhead near the station

almost got taken out by ladies in motorized carts a few times, but other than that all was good

iPhone shots

here are just a bunch of pics i have taken with the iPhone i got about a month or so back...
really fun to have with me on all times when i'm not lugging around my gear

High Museum of Art

old high school hang out

Jason Mraz concert

random shots downtown from the other day

flight home from Illinois last month


still playing with the new lights...

jacob, chris (kid from the youth group i am hanging with this week as his parents are on an alaskan cruise), and myself took the lights out to play...i have so much to learn now that i am using more than one light

i sort of feel like throwing my camera sometimes and quitting...i have heard that's not a good idea though

so, i will just keep trying to figure out all this lighting stuff more and see what happens.



finally bumped up my lighting game a bit and got some alien bee B800 strobes...
as well as some light stands, beauty dish, octabox, portable power pack, and the like.

went outside with jenica for about 30 minutes to play around....can''t wait to get the hang of these things more


Star94 shots

so i posted shots from the Star94 Morning show the other week of Cindy, Ray, Spoon, Ali, and Casey

I have also been busy shooting their other personalities as well

here are the shots of Heather Branch (10am-3pm DJ), Darik (night time DJ), and AC (their traffic guy)

we took Heather's shots in the High Museum of Art downtown. here is their link: http://www.high.org/
they were great at working with us and allowing us to use their space for these shots

for Darik, we went and hung out in the Inman Park area of town. We also took some shots inside of Zaya (www.zayarestaurant.com) Tarek, the owner of the place, and Darik are good friends and so Tarek hooked us up with some unbelievable mediterranean food....soooo good

and finally, we have AC. we got some shots earlier in the week, but we were really going for this one at night and i think we got what we were aiming for. we took it on a median off of the Pleasant Hill exit....drew some attention, including a cop...thankfully he was cool and left us alone when i told him what we were up to
here is a shot to show our set up:

and the final shot:


Tommy and Olivia

just a warning, but i think i got a bit carried away with the number of pics...i just loved the look and feel of this wedding though!

plus, who doesn't want to see as many shots as possible from their wedding day?...i would

Olivia and Tommy had a gorgeous day for their wedding which was a huge blessing considering it was outside in the middle of a HOTlanta summer...
Olivia is the sister of one of our very good friends, Hannah, and it was such a great time meeting all of their Wilmington friends who came in for the wedding. it was so evident that this couple has an unbelievable community back home who love and support them with everything they have...it was such an honor to be invited in and see a glimpse of it all

Magnolia Hall at Piedmont Park was the perfect place for them to have their vintage wedding which consisted of a wide array of decor collected over a long period of time...yet it all fit together seamlessly

hopefully this offers a small taste to what was a great day...