not sure why i never put these on the blog:

hung out on a saturday morning with Tyler and Kelsea...found a new location to shoot

glad with the way these turned out

i feel as though i am starting to view my surroundings in new ways...

Live Love Tour

had the chance to hear Francis Chan speak while also being led in worship by Kristian Stanfill

it was great hearing Kristian's new stuff live...sounded great

here are a few shots from the night...didn't really feel like getting up to walk around though so sorry for the same angles


slumdog millionaire

just saw this movie tonight...brought back a flood of memories and emotions from my 2 1/2 weeks spent in India a few years back

these are about 20 from over 700
not great pictures by any means or great quality...but they sum up the trip
this experience also helped fuel my passion for photography....these were all shot with a kodak easyshare something or other...not sure the model. what can you say?...it was my first digital camera

i have a little bit better of a camera now....would love to do this trip over again with the equipment and knowledge i have now....still have a long way to go though

this is my family the day before i left (3 weeks before marrying Jenica)
we were pretending that i was in the plane "taking off" for India...i love kids imaginations

of course i got to see The Taj

this is a pic of the same door at the Taj seen in slumdog...i was quick to point that out to Jenica

this little girl, along with many other children, were eager to both greet us and beg for money or food each morning we were in Delhi - again, reminded me of the children going out to beg for their slave masters

seeing the kid getting beat by the taxi driver reminded me of this kid on the back of our bus...got this pic before our driver stopped the bus to kick the kid off and give him a few hits as a reminder

some of the faces of those we came across

what would it have been like to have an actual train as your train set growing up?

pretty much was paying this kid to keep that snake away from me

city life: i will never complain about Atlanta traffic again - that's probably a lie

worship at night on top of our roof...

and finally...the coolest kid ever - Vivec
all this kid could say is camera
the second i was out the door each morning, he was pulling at my side to use my camera. he was pretty good too
miss that kid
i wonder what he's up to today?

the pictures are not great, but the experience i will never forget
if you ever get the chance to go to India, say yes.

it will change your life


it was a short one, but i'll take it

jenica and i headed to orlando with her family for a few days
it was good to finally just relax and do nothing...didn't take many pics, but here are a few

i was beating myself up for not taking more; however, sometimes it's best that i just put it down and stop viewing the world through a lens

this pretty much sums it all up:
breakfast around 10am

sitting around the pool relaxing

headed to the beach one day: sand and birds...lots of both

and the best for last...my wife

can't wait until the next vacation



This was my second shoot through my new contact Gary

Ceto, as well as his brother Calvin and cousin Adrian, were great guys. We had a good time getting some shots in the Suwanee area.

We also met up around 10:30pm to finish up with some night shots of him and the Bentley.
Ceto has long been involved on the production side of the music industry, and he now serves as CEO of Power Money Entertainment which he started a few years ago. Recently, he has started his own music career and was featured in the song Gorilla with B.G. and Lil' Wayne.

Really glad I had opportunity to do this shoot...
here are a few.

big thanks to Stuart for helping to carry and set up my equipment...



Two Five

it's funny how i kept saying that i really, really wanted another shoot to do soon...then today happened

i get a call while hanging out with high school kids, and it's a local photographer saying that she can't do a shoot
so, i get the contact, call them up, and he goes on to let me know that they have flown in a rapper from New York and they are looking to get some publicity shots

then he informs me that his name is Two Five, younger cousin to 50 cent.

This was such a crazy shoot, and nothing like i had ever done...but i couldn't be happier with how it turned out

lesson learned: say yes to every single opportunity possible that's thrown your way

here are some of the shots...