Radu - senior shoot

Radu is another guy i know from the youth group i work with....it's been cool getting to see him grow and mature over the last few years.
he is a brilliant guy who is also a great writer

he has a maturity to him that is not often seen in guys his age as well as a thirst for wisdom

i know that this combination will take him very far and make him successful in anything he gets himself involved in

looking forward to see what comes his way....

iPhone pics

so i update these about every month or so....

here are some of the latest


Happy Thanksgiving!

unlike many of you, we were not able to spend this thanksgiving with all of our family who is back home in Illinois.

However, we have been blessed by our good friends, the Arnold family, to have joined them and their extended family over the past couple years. it's great having such awesome people who open up their own families to be ours for the day...

they mean so much to us and are thankful for who they all are in our lives.

here are a few shots we got of their family with a couple extra added in.

hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, realized how blessed they are, and were also made aware of how they can bless the lives of others.....just as the Arnold's have blessed us.

thanks Arnold family. we love you guys!


Kathleen - senior pics

so yesterday i had the chance to go and talk to a high school class about the journey i have been on over the past 2 years with photography as well as just how i do things

i had never shared about my photography in that way before in front of a group and it was really incredible

i don't really take the time to sit and reflect all that much on what has happened over the past couple years and just how quickly things have seemed to happen....maybe that's why i stayed up until 4am as i prepared what i wanted to share

with that all said, it was cool then going in to this shoot that same night...i felt a little more inspired than usual.

i have known kathleen for the past couple years as she has been involved with the youth group.
she is crazy talented in theatre and is probably one of the funniest people i know

she has a great heart and i know will do big things with the talents she has been given and the passion she has fueling those talents...can't wait to see where she ends up


wanted to put up these quick shots and say thanks to Javi, Stuart and Jacob for their support and help in all these crazy photography adventures....

they are the beginning of an empire....ha. but really, these guys are really cool and i absolutely love working with them. if i had it my way, this would be the beginning of something pretty cool. we will see though.

oh and they make me laugh a whole lot, which is needed

Javi is my gear horse and carries my stuff around for me all the time
but he also plays a huge part in making sure that the lighting is in place as well....without him i would not be able to get a lot of the shots that i do

stuart has also played a huge part in encouraging me and helping me chase after this passion....however, he is pretty ridiculous in his own right when it comes to video.
you all should check him out at: http://vimeo.com/user996645

and then there is also jacob, who was not with us on this last trip but has played a big part as well.
he shoots some great stuff and has been a huge help at some of my weddings. look forward to seeing what this kid does...
here is a link to his blog: http://jharkey.blogspot.com/