Kathleen - senior pics

so yesterday i had the chance to go and talk to a high school class about the journey i have been on over the past 2 years with photography as well as just how i do things

i had never shared about my photography in that way before in front of a group and it was really incredible

i don't really take the time to sit and reflect all that much on what has happened over the past couple years and just how quickly things have seemed to happen....maybe that's why i stayed up until 4am as i prepared what i wanted to share

with that all said, it was cool then going in to this shoot that same night...i felt a little more inspired than usual.

i have known kathleen for the past couple years as she has been involved with the youth group.
she is crazy talented in theatre and is probably one of the funniest people i know

she has a great heart and i know will do big things with the talents she has been given and the passion she has fueling those talents...can't wait to see where she ends up