Tommy and Olivia

just a warning, but i think i got a bit carried away with the number of pics...i just loved the look and feel of this wedding though!

plus, who doesn't want to see as many shots as possible from their wedding day?...i would

Olivia and Tommy had a gorgeous day for their wedding which was a huge blessing considering it was outside in the middle of a HOTlanta summer...
Olivia is the sister of one of our very good friends, Hannah, and it was such a great time meeting all of their Wilmington friends who came in for the wedding. it was so evident that this couple has an unbelievable community back home who love and support them with everything they have...it was such an honor to be invited in and see a glimpse of it all

Magnolia Hall at Piedmont Park was the perfect place for them to have their vintage wedding which consisted of a wide array of decor collected over a long period of time...yet it all fit together seamlessly

hopefully this offers a small taste to what was a great day...