Star94 shots

so i posted shots from the Star94 Morning show the other week of Cindy, Ray, Spoon, Ali, and Casey

I have also been busy shooting their other personalities as well

here are the shots of Heather Branch (10am-3pm DJ), Darik (night time DJ), and AC (their traffic guy)

we took Heather's shots in the High Museum of Art downtown. here is their link: http://www.high.org/
they were great at working with us and allowing us to use their space for these shots

for Darik, we went and hung out in the Inman Park area of town. We also took some shots inside of Zaya (www.zayarestaurant.com) Tarek, the owner of the place, and Darik are good friends and so Tarek hooked us up with some unbelievable mediterranean food....soooo good

and finally, we have AC. we got some shots earlier in the week, but we were really going for this one at night and i think we got what we were aiming for. we took it on a median off of the Pleasant Hill exit....drew some attention, including a cop...thankfully he was cool and left us alone when i told him what we were up to
here is a shot to show our set up:

and the final shot: