traveling to Ireland...

so here is the first of a few...

our vacation to Ireland was incredible.....words can't even express what we experienced, so hopefully the pics will help

i am going to be posting everything from a daily basis, but for now are just some shots i grabbed while traveling there, many of which consists of layover pics from Chicago

so here ya go
Jenica did an incredible job researching for our trip and pretty much planning the whole thing....it was one of those have a plan/don't have a plan situations. we knew where we wanted to go generally each day, but that was totally up in the air at the same time
this book helped A TON though...no matter where we went, chances were it had reviews on places to eat and things to see....and they even have the Let's Go books for cities and places throughout the states also....well worth it

and of course i pretty much just took pics and listened to music

Jenica is also quite the photographer as you will find out through these posts...she may need a little reminder from now and then on what does what but she has a good eye for things...if only i could get her to second shoot for me then we would be a force to be reckoned with

so, there you have it...the travel day: we will call this day 0
more to come very soon!