Amber and Andy - wedding celebration

so I have known Amber for a couple years now....she has volunteered with the middle school kids at our church and has recently been helping me out as a YoungLife volunteer
she has got a great heart as well as an adorable little girl Ashley

the first time I met Andy, I knew that they were a great match...
they were one of those couples that once you know, you know...so they decided to have a very small and intimate wedding together a couple months ago
however, they still wanted to have a wedding celebration and reception for all their other friends and family

so, here it is...it was a bit on the chilly side for GA this time of year, but it was still gorgeous out

i am really happy for this family and excited to see them grow together over the years

this shot is fairly similar to one i was able to capture at my last wedding, but I loved how the wind was able to make her dress wave behind her...epic skies always help as well