The Least of These

so there is a cd out that you need to go and get...

One of my best friends in the world, Ben Blascoe (on the left in the pic), is the bass player for an incredibly talented group called The Least of These based in the Chicago area....i remember not being able to get any homework done in college b/c all i would do is go in the other room of our apartment and listen to them jam out

the other two guys in the band are brothers Ben and Josh Calhoun...both are incredibly stand up guys
Ben Calhoun and his wife Alison mentored Jenica and I in the early stages of our dating relationship which was huge for us

these guys all mean a lot to me, have crazy ridiculous musical skills, and it's so cool to see how the Lord is using them in big ways and expanding their ministry through music

go check them out right now at: http://www.theleastofthese.com

you can buy their newly released full length album....i highly recommend it as i just picked up my own copy today

here is one of their promo pics (sadly one that i did not take though)
check 'em out and help support their ministry