Dusty and Katie coming at ya'

This past weekend was a blast hanging with Jenica's side of the family...
and of course getting to shoot Dusty and Katie's wedding

these two are young but madly in love with each other which is so evident to see when they are around...
i have had a lot of great times with both of them whether it be playing death frisbee at night, beach volleyball on vacation in florida, or having them hang out with Jenica and I in the ATL...i look forward to many great memories with these two in the future

it was such an honor though to shoot their wedding and it seems as though i keep coming away from each shoot claiming that, "these are my favorite shots ever." i meant it with this wedding though...finally feeling as though i am getting to a place where i can consistently get good shots throughout the whole day

this is just a small taste of what was a day of joy, celebration, and a crazy dance party!


pretty sure that according to this list below, i would have been in major trouble and had a very sore butt as a kid
mostly because of numbers 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, most definitely 15, 16, and 18-24 (although Mill or Barn could be considered to be my friends house when we skipped sschool)

it's now 3:45am....going to bed!