at least 3 times a week i will drive by this parking garage and it's always absolutely empty there...

so, i decided to give myself a little tour and take some pics
well obviously you could read that there is video cameras all over the place

after about 20 minutes, my instincts told me that i had probably done enough to peek the interest of some person watching surveillance cameras....so i made my way down to my car

well, my instincts were right
as i started making my way to my car, the security car came strolling by right behind my car
however, he rolls right by, stops, security guard gets out, and starts making his way up the steps from which i had just made my exit

good timing i would say (not that i could have got in to any real trouble, but i still didn't feel like having that conversation with some guy who thinks he is a police officer but really just strolls around the mall all day)